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The value of networking

RecurDyn Europe GmbH is a Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) company, which is fully focused on the development of a network of experts in Multi-Flexible-Body-Dynamics (MFBD) simulation. As stated by the company name, we are built around the RecurDyn technology, which is developed in South Korea by FunctionBay, Inc. since 1990.

RecurDyn Europe GmbH is driven by a team of passionate and visionary engineers, who have been managing multi-body dynamics simulations for decades. The technical know-how gained in any industrial sector, as well as the experience made in selling simulation software throughout Europe, have pushed us to elaborate a new approach to satisfy the market needs.

Multi-Flexible-Body-Dynamics is different from any other type simulation approach. Besides the need of a reliable and efficient software, this discipline requires more competence and skills than any other one. The analyst dealing with multi-body modeling cannot follow standard. On the contrary, he decides firsthand the most suitable digital representation of the system to investigate. The subjective human contribution in this process remains crucial and that’s why the technical competence remains the key to perform successful dynamics simulations.

In accordance with all available market researches, Multi-Body-Dynamics (MBD) represents a little slice of the whole CAE market, but it is the area of simulation where it is expected to observe the highest growth. From our point of view, this is perfectly understandable. The demand of more dynamic simulation is pushed by the general increment of product and process performances in any industrial sector. It is literally not possible to understand how complex systems move (and why) without investigating them through Multi-Body-Simulation. The method has remained unexploited for years, but now it’s retrieving the role it deserves in the CAE world.

We see a positive scenario to make business with RecurDyn simulation technology in the next years, but the enabler for the growth to come is a proven competence in the sectors where the Multi-Body-Simulation discipline can be applied. RecurDyn Europe creates the perfect environment for companies with special skills in engineering and passion for simulation to make a profitable business. The network offers the solidity and the reputation of a big brand, while enhancing the niche competences distributed all around.

Our competitors are progressively embedding Multi-Body-Simulation within larger multi-disciplinary platforms. We offer a different approach that synergically combines know-how, tailored solutions and promptness. Who is the market going to reward? We believe there will be always room for those who sells value. RecurDyn Europe GmbH very welcomes new distributors which share our philosophy and want to become a referenced pole in our network.

RecurDyn Europe GmbH

Central Tower, Landsberger Strasse 110,
80339, Munich Germany
+49 (0)89 32209810

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